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Reality television shows have been documenting the growing issue of “hoarding” for several years now. This phenomenon affects an estimated 4-5% of humans according to a recent study. The fundamental problem is the inability to manage day-to-day household goods. Hoarders are all unique but some of the more common items they tend to “hoard” include: newspapers, clothing, garbage, paper, household items, human waste, animal waste, etc. 

Beyond the general inconvenience created by hoarding, there are also serious health issues to consider. Clutter is dangerous not only because of the potential for bacteria and pathogens but also because it can create physical barriers that affect general mobility and pathways. This also makes it difficult to make a quick exit in case of an emergency. More extreme hoarders will even live with household utility issues because repairmen literally won’t be able to access appliances to fix them.

This more extreme type of hoarding can create serious tension within families. Hoarders are not comfortable with their “collection” being mishandled and non-hoarding visitors are often uncomfortable with the general environment. Many hoarders are fully aware of their issue, yet remain unable to make tangible changes to their daily habits. 

The most difficult step in dealing with this problem is simply picking up the phone call to ask for help. At Hoarding Cleanup Orlando, our friendly staff understands the nature of this problem and will craft a personalized plan to suit your needs.

At Hoarding Cleanup Orlando, we realize that just calling a professional hoarding cleanup service can be very difficult. Our staff is very understanding and eager to help you get your space (and sanity) back! 


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Does Hoarding Cleanup Orlando disclose my information to others or otherwise share my information?

No customer information is shared under any circumstances. We believe in protecting the privacy of of all customers. Our only concern is helping you clear your property of waste. We will work to restore your space to a safe and livable condition. At no point before, during, or after working with us will our staff reach out to third parties, advertisers, government officials or agencies to report on the condition of your home. 

If, however, you are already working with an agency and are in need of further assistance – we are happy to communicate with them on your behalf. At the request of some clients, Hoarding Cleanup Orlando will communicate with case managers, inspectors, other service providers.

It is not uncommon for our team to work with long-term care staff when a home needs to be  We frequently work with long-term care staff when a home must be cleaned out in preparation for an individual’s return.  We are prepared to meet your situation with professionalism and care regardless of medical condition. We take the time to listen to the situation fully and craft an appropriate strategy to fix the issue. 

The Psychological Definition of Hoarding

Merriam-Webster’s secondary definition for hoarding:

“the compulsion to continually accumulate a variety of items that are often considered useless or worthless by others accompanied by an inability to discard the items without great distress.”

When a hoarder allows their collection to accumulate beyond the point with which it negatively affects their life, it is at this point when we do our best work.  This is the critical point at which many hoarders’ collections extend beyond (or below) what is generally considered valuable or useful. Bathrooms become extra storage. Closets can no longer be opened. Living rooms are merely go-betweens connecting one side of the house to the other. It becomes difficult to visibly ascertain what is considered salvageable. Discarded food items and packaging are no longer thrown away. Animal waste is prelavent and the hoarder is often right in the middle of the the chaos. We remove that chaos and then set about to restore functionality.