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Animal Urine Elimination in Orlando, Florida

While it is common for pets to sometimes have accidents in the house, the cats and dogs that become family can create some not so loving problems With cats out numbering dogs here in Orlando, accidents such as urine not only cause staining but also have an unpleasant odor. In fact, urine is the number one service request for professionals who specialize in animal odor cleaning. 

Typically when cats have accidents it usually ends up on the walls and baseboards. When this happens, the smell will then encourage repeated use of the same spot instead of utilizing the litter box. Over time the urine then soaks into the carpet, pad, wood floor, subflooring, the drywall and framing even down into the foundation.  

Once the urine dries the odor becomes worse as it is concentrated resulting in the odor traveling through the home which can cause some serious respiratory issues for your family. Simply cleaning the carpets will do nothing to remove the odor. That is when we come into play.


Systematic & Total Process of Odor Treatment

Here at Hoarding Cleanup Orlando we know exactly the right process it takes to remove the pet urine in your home. We take pride in knowing which products and chemical techniques to apply that will break apart animal urine. If the wood and concrete are still structurally stable we can disinfect it with highly trained application techniques especially tailored to the specific makeup of your home.

The next step in this three part process is called Ozone treatment. Ozone treatment removes the smell and odors by reacting to the offensive smelling particles and bacteria by breaking them down into the particles that do not smell.

The final step is sealing all of the surfaces. Sealing works to contain any odor causing material that may still be in the wood or concrete

odor treatment

Odor Treatment: Health Risks of Solid Animal Waste 

While it’s bad enough dealing with accidents from the family Maltese, feces from pesky outdoor creatures can not only be problematic but dangerous as well. If you start to notice lots of droppings and urine on the insulation or mold growing on contaminated areas, this could mean you have new critter roommates. Bats, mice, and even raccoons are drawn to these environments and can be a real pain to remove. 

This can cause other parasites to move in and pathogens like Hantavirus, histoplasmosis fungus, and roundworm to be easily spread and inhaled. 

Whether or not you spend time in your attic or basement, it is vital to remove not only animal but the waste left behind. The pathogens mentioned previously do not just stay in one dormant area. They can travel throughout your home creating various health problems. On top of all of this, the strong odor and scent will also bring in new wildlife.

As a professional bioremediation company, Hoarding Cleanup Orlando is qualified and prepared to safely and quickly eradicate the animal feces as well as disinfect your home or business. In the end, your basement or attic will be restored to a healthy, clean and once again liveable state as well as keeping your family and home safe from possible illnesses carried in the animal waste 

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